Known for its richness and flavour and heavily influenced by Middle Eastern, Iranian, Afghan and Indian fare, Pakistani cuisine is a refined blend of the various regional cooking traditions of South Asia most notably Fusion Mughlai.

It is this ethnic and cultural diversity that informs the Pakistani dishes. From the highly seasoned and spicy cuisine of the eastern provinces of Punjab and Sindh to the more distinct, aromatic flavours of areas such as Balochistan, Azad Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan diners are sure to experience a wide range of options to suit their tastes and broaden their palates.

Pakistan is largely a Muslim nation and so the dishes served at Kinara Kitchen are all Halal. This is a list of foods that Muslims are allowed to eat and drink and how they are to be prepared under Islamic dietary guidelines.

We at Kinara Kitchen are proud of our heritage and provenance, working with local suppliers when sourcing ingredients such as Irish lamb, chicken and beef.

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